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June Lowe
June Lowe

Illawarra Blue Stars Masters athlete June Lowe has just been acknowledged for a fine performance in the season 2019-2020. One of the best all-round masters athletes, June has dominated her events over the last season and Athletics NSW has also acknowledged this by naming her the Masters Athlete of the Year.

Her award was judged on not only her performances but the opposition she defeated and the margin of her wins. June is a member of the strong masters women's team Blue Stars have at the present moment competing up to international level. June's all-round skills include sprinting and hurdling, long and high jump and all throwing events including hammer, shot, discus and javelin.

Her ability to go from one event to another in any major event and be successful is her major talent and one that has seen her either winning gold or being placed in all these events. June Lowe is one dedicated athlete and she has shown this by overcoming injuries and illness that in her own words, "wont get the better of me".

She is a very strong supporter of the sport and is a regular at her club meets on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. She is also a constant trainer out in her home town, under the watchful eye of her greatest supporter, husband Des, who is a known figure at all major meets and supports June in all that she does.

June Lowe has more to her than athletics. The year 2019-2020 has been good to her with an Order of Australia award for her committed devotion to the community and in particular, the Indigenous community. A quiet, reserved person, she works in the background both for her work in the community and also her sport. She is quite achiever and is devoted to both with full energy and commitment.

June Lowe has been a member of Blue Stars for many years and is highly respected by her club mates, whether they be junior or open athletes or her fellow Masters athletes. She encourages juniors and if at any time she can give some advice on any of her events, she is there to help.

The award bestowed upon her is a fitting and just reward for an athlete who has given much to the sport of athletics and in particular Masters athletics. This lady has not finished yet, there is more to come for her as she not only attacks her events with determination and desire, she aims for records as she moves along in the age brackets.

Club members and fellow supporters, field games exponent Mary Thomas and sprinter/jumper Gianna Mogentale, were also recommended for the award. This is a great achievement by three of the club's most successful masters athletes.

Blue Stars will have some exciting news to announce in the near future and athletes are urged to check out our website and also the club's facebook page for upcoming events. All new members will also be encouraged to join in.