Hyams Beach residents react to A Current Affair ‘beat up’

The "Stay Off Our Beach" segment on A Current Affair.
The "Stay Off Our Beach" segment on A Current Affair.

A Current Affair’s feature about overcrowding in the Hyams Beach village began on the wrong foot.

In Tracey Grimshaw’s introduction aired on Friday night, there was a sign superimposed on a photo of the beach saying “keep off our beaches”.

The sign was manufactured by the show’s art department.

Hyams Beach Villagers do not feel their stance was portrayed accurately.

Morgan Sant

Morgan Sant

“It was a beat up in the first quarter of a second,” Hyams Beach Villagers Association president Morgan Sant said.

“It was trying to give the impression we own the beach, and we don’t want to share it.

“That’s not the case, it’s a public beach.

“Every time we’ve spoken publicly, we’ve said there’s plenty of space on the beach, it’s just the traffic that’s the problem.”

Aside from that, Mr Sant was pleased with the coverage, filmed last weekend.

The clip has been shared widely on social media over the past 24 hours, and the villagers are thankful the superimposed photo hasn’t been run online.

After a number of inflammatory comments were left on ACA’s Facebook post, fellow resident Lois Sparkes made her position clear.

“It is with regret that I read a number of ill-informed comments on this site,” she said.

“Hyams Beach is a public beach. The residents welcome visitors. 

"They only request that visitors obey the road rules. Please do not park across driveways or on corners or in no stopping zones. Do not litter and do not camp or light fires on the beach. 

“Hyams Beach is surrounded by national park. It only has one narrow access road. In the event of a fire or medical emergency it is important that the RFS and ambulance services have access. Residents are concerned about safety.”

Residents are looking forward to the outcomes of a number of motions passed at council recently.

“Very importantly, thanks to the mayoral minute, nothing will happen without consultation,” Mr Sant said.

"Yes, it's white, but is it worth all this?" asked A Current Affair.

"Yes, it's white, but is it worth all this?" asked A Current Affair.

“What we’re now talking about is closing access when the village is full, so we don’t get that continuous flow of hundreds of cars when there’s no space. Next, we hope to divert traffic to overflow parking areas. Then we’ll use variable message boards to divert traffic before it comes in. We’re hoping by Easter, these measures will be in place, and the situation will be manageable.”

A Current Affair was contacted, but did not respond prior to deadline.

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