Awesome results for Athletics Wollongong

Club members competed in three high level carnivals in the last two weeks and came away with extraordinary results. Last weekend a small group of our members went down to Canberra to compete in the ACT U20 and Open Championships.

Chelsy Wayne: Under 20 Discus 2nd - 39.14m

Jaidah Jarvis: Under 20 discus 3rd - 36.52m Under 20 shot 4th - 10.24m

Kirra Lockett: Para Discus 1st - 24.08m (62.89%)

Rosie Boyland; Para Discus : 2nd - 25.42m (58.26%)

Susie Seitaridis : Open 400m Hurdles 8th - 1min 03.55

Tayissa Buchanan: U20 800m 2nd - 2min 11.82

Rosie Boyland: Para shot; 1st - 8.95m (63.48%)

Kirra Lockett: Para shot 2nd - 7.43m (48.63%)

Callum Rann U20 100m heats - 11.68s, U20 400m Seeded Finals: 8th - 51.21s. U20 200m Prelims: 15th - 23.63s

Charlize Colwell- Para Ambulant 100m: 11th - 16.74s (78.26%, Para Ambulant 400m: 2nd - 1min 19.67s (75.67%)

Delta Amidzovski- U16 90m Hurdles: 1st- 12.60s, Delta competed as a 15 year old in open Long Jump coming 2nd -with 6.25m against Brooke Stratton, only 47cms behind the 28 year old Australian title holder. Delta is currently ranked in Australia as number 5 in open class

James McPaul - Open 400m Seeded Finals - 18th - 48.37s

Karlee Symonds - Para Ambulant 100m: 9th - 14.43s (82.12%). Karlee is a T11 (visually impaired). Her time of 14.43 is a personal best by 0.22 secs and sets a new T11 Australian 100m record

Nat Carroll - U18 100m Timed Finals: 5th - 11.94s, U18 200m: 4th - 24.48s

Rosie Tozer- U20 High Jump: 2nd - 1.70m

Shayla Szakacs- Open 1500m: 20th - 4'57.76s

Tierney Dunne- U20 100m Final: 1st - 11.92s. This personal best by Tierney is 0.12 seconds in front of 2nd place. It was an awesome run, U20 200m Final: 2nd - 24.90s

The NSW masters Championship were held at Campbelltown stadium February 13-14. A contingent of 16 of our best masters slogged through the Saturday rain and the Sunday sunshine to blow away a few cobwebs. Credit should go to the Campbelltown club for such a beautifully kept venue. Our Awesome bunch walked away or staggered in some cases with a total of 60 medals comprising of 29 gold 15 silver and 16 bronze.

Adrian See M 45-49. 400m: 1st - 53.79s and was part of a 4X200m relay team which set a new national record of - 1min 43.03s 200m: 1st - 24.65s

Adriana Van Bockel W 65-69 : Shot Put: 4th - 5.08m, Discus: 2nd - 14.64m, Hammer: 3rd - 16.08m, Javelin: 2nd - 11.33m, Weight Throw: 3rd - 6.33m

Anthony Howlett M 50-54: 400m: 5th - 1'04.88s, 100mH: 2nd - 20.48s, Long Jump: 5th - 4.60m, Hammer: 2nd - 26.84m, Javelin: 3rd - 38.78m and Weight Throw: 1st - 10.93m, 800m: 1st - 2min;33.81s, 400m Hurdles: 1st - 1min14.80s. Discus: 3rd - 30.08m,High Jump: 3rd - 1.45m, Triple Jump: 3rd - 9.46m

Caroline Ellis W 45-49 competed as Epping Districts . 80mH: 1st - 17.08s, Pole Vault: 1st - 1.90m, Long Jump: 4th - 3.64m and Shot Put: 4th - 6.65m, 60m: 3rd - 9.15s, High Jump: 1st - 1.15m and Javelin: 5th - 16.70m

Christine Shaw W 60-64 had an enormous weekend. 100m: 1st - 15.53s, Discus: 2nd - 23.47m, Shot Put: 2nd - 8.55m,Long Jump: 1st - 3.92m, 60m: 2nd - 9.69s, 200m: 1st - 32.45s. High Jump: Equal 1st - 1.25m (tied NSW Record), Triple Jump: 1st - 7.77m, Hammer: 2nd - 24.74m. Javelin: 1st - 25.18m. Weight Throw: 1st - 11.49m

Dave Ross M 70-74 Hammer: 1st - 30.61m, Weight Throw: 1st - 11.63m

Michael Doodson M 40-44 100m: 2nd - 12.70s, 60m: 3rd - 7.89s, 200m: 3rd - 25.26s

Montse Ros W 40-44 . Pole Vault: 1st - 2.60m, Long Jump: 1st - 4.32m

Natalie Heywood W 45-49 Discus: 3rd - 20.59m, Shot Put: 3rd - 7.55m, Javelin: 1st - 26.21m

Nicole McHenry W 45-49. 100m: 1st - 13.95s, Long Jump: 1st - 4.51m, 60m: 2nd - 8.74s, 200m: 2nd - 28.96s

Rebekah Power 100m: 1st - 13.16s, 400m: 1st - 1'02.15s, 60m: 1st - 8.38s, 200m: 1st - 27.30s, High Jump: 1st - 1.44m

Rodney Tebbutt M 50-54. 100m: 2nd - 13.89s, 400m: 4th - 1'03.89s, Javelin: 2nd - 45.29m, 60m: 3rd - 8.59s, 200m: 3rd - 27.83s

Ros Perry W 65-69 . 400m: 1st - 1'51.04s, 1500m: 2nd - 8'19.07s, Shot Put: 3rd- 5.43m.

Simon Harmey M 60-64. 100m: 6th - 15.60s, Long Jump: 2nd - 3.53m, Weight Throw: 3rd - 8.62m, 60m: 7th - 9.84s, Discus: 4th - 23.49m, Shot Put: 3rd - 7.48m

Suzy Moran M 40-44. 100m: 4th - 14.60s, 400m: 2nd - 1'11.68s, 60m: 4th - 9.22s, 200m: 3rd - 30.94s

William Tyler M60-64. Pole Vault: 1st - 2.70m.

Congratulations go to all those 9-12 year olds from Illawarra Little Athletics Clubs for their excellent performances at the Regions 4 and 8 State Selection Trials at the Wagga grass track and the Port Hacking track on Feb 6-7. In particular we would like to express our "Well dones" to the following who are linked to our club.

Region 4 - Jubilee Park Athletics Centre, Wagga Wagga

Ane Pretorius (Wollongong City/U10), 60m Hurdles Final: 3rd - 12.36s, Long: 4th - 3.70m, High: 1st - 1.12m, Discus: - 13.43m

Beau Rejske (Northern Illawarra/U12), U12 1500m Walk: 3rd - 10min 48.05s

Cheyannah Hall (Wollongong City/U11), 800m: 8th - 3min 44.84s, 80m Hurdles: 6th - 17.47s, 1100m Walk: 5th - 8min 15.80s, High: 4th - 1.15m

Maiya Hewitt (Kiama/U12), 200m Final: 1st - 29.11s, 400m: 1st - 1min 08.39s, Triple: 1st - 9.61m, Long: 1st - 4.64m. That is quite an impressive bunch of 4 firsts bunched together. Outstanding.

Savannah Wiki (Wollongong City/U10), 100m Final: 7th - 17.42s, 60m Hurdles Heats: 2nd - 12.10sQ, 60m Hurdles Final: 2nd - 12.14s, Discus: 4th - 19.96m, Shot Put: 1st - 8.23m

Seattle Bazley (Wollongong City/U12), 400m: 9th - 1min 28.29s, 800m: 2nd - 2min 41.61s,1500m: 4th - 5min 41.34s

Tayla Wiki (Wollongong City/U12), Discus: 2nd - 21.38m, Shot: 3rd - 8.12m, Javelin: 3rd - 17.82m

Thomas (Dapto/U12) trains at Wollongong track under Greg Berrell, this amazing speedster took out the blue ribbon double 100m and 200m, 100m Final: 1st - 13.67s, 200m Final: 1st - 28.51s

Region 8 - Sylvania Waters Athletics Track, Sylvania

Scarlett Dunne (Helensburgh/U12),100m: 10th - 14.57s, 200m Final: 4th - 29.62s

Well done to all those athletes who performed at the 3 carnivals. Our club is very proud of your efforts. and on Facebook