Christmas comes early with rush on trees at Santa's Farm on Saturday

Early demand for Christmas trees is so great in 2020 that Santa's Farm near Albion Park is starting to run out of those growing in its paddocks near Tullimbar.

Josh and Jen Rapesarda and their children Ariella and Aurora were among many families to enjoy a successful Christmas tree hunt at Santa's Farm on Saturday.

But while there may soon be few perfectly sized trees left for families to roam through a field and choose this year.

The Pyers family also have a Christmas Tree farm at Oberon where they will continue to source freshly cut trees from right up until December 24.

Tanya Pyers said it takes five years to grow a Christmas tree to the ideal size for a family home. And it is hard to predict what the demand will be five years ahead.

On Saturday morning Santa's Farm opened the final paddock of trees growing for Christmas 2020 and were joined by the Rural Fire Service and Santa.

The NSW RFS do an annual fundraising day and sausage sizzle at the tree farm every year but may need to plan it earlier in 2021 if the trend this year is anything to go by.

"It has been crazy," Mrs Pyers said.

"We have already sold out of one paddock.

"This is our 21st year and I think people have just got in earlier this year to make sure they get one.

"I don't know if that is because of COVID. But I think it is because a lot of shops can't get stock and people have just decided to rush out and get one while they can."

Mrs Pyers said the final paddock of trees ready for this Christmas would be well picked through this weekend but a truck load pre-cut trees arrived from the farm at Oberon on Friday.

And more trucks will continue to arrive right up until December 24.

"My husband Rowan drives up to Oberon every second day to bring freshly cut trees back," she said.

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