Symbio koalas go live in international broadcast to become global ambassadors to help save the species

A Star Is Born: When Imogen was hand raised as a baby she gained millions of followers around the world on social media. Picture: Kevin Fallon.
A Star Is Born: When Imogen was hand raised as a baby she gained millions of followers around the world on social media. Picture: Kevin Fallon.

People around the world will be able to tune into a live broadcast from a popular NSW wildlife park to learn more about how they can save the koala.

The Australian Koala Foundation and Messenger will celebrate Save the Koala Day by hosting the world's first koala Messenger Room via Facebook Live.

Koala lovers all over the globe can tune into the Koala Room on the Australian Koala Foundation's Facebook page at 9am where Symbio Wildlife Park zoo keepers Naomi Johnston and Elizabeth Florance will introduce koalas Imogen, Ellie, Johnny, Grace and Baby Kev.

The foundation is committed to protecting forests on the east coast of Australia where koalas live with millions of other animals.

Chair Deborah Tabart said it was exciting to be able to bring koalas that live safely at Symbio, north of Wollongong, into homes all over the planet.

She said the broadcast would show the koalas at Symbio were loved and happy in their zoo home but emphasise how those living in the wild are not so lucky, particularly after the last devastating summer of fire in many native habitat areas.

"Koalas are officially classified as vulnerable to extinction - one step down from endangered," Ms Tabart said.

"Save the Koala Day is an important moment to recognise that we need to protect all koala habitats to secure the future of this unique and incredible species.

Ms Tabart said Friday's activity meant people around the world could play a vital role in protecting the future of koalas.

And it won't be the first time Imogen has been a global ambassador for koalas and Symbio.

Imogen has already been seen on social media by tens of millions of people after being orphaned as a baby and being hand-raised by Matt and Kylie Radnidge.

She has even been featured on a giant billboard near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Ways you can help save the koala;

  • Visit and donate to support the Australian Koala Foundation in their fight to save koalas.
  • Help give koalas a brighter future by adopting your very own furry friend. Visit to read about different koalas that need your help, including their stories and personality quirks.
  • If you live in Australia near a koala habitat or just want to help other Australian species, make some changes to your own backyard.
  • Consider planting some Australian natives and eucalyptus in your garden, install a koala friendly fence, keep your animals indoors at night and ensure you take care on the roads. Visit to find more ways you can assist and help.
  • Become a Koala Hero and join the Koala Army so you can speak for the koala in a fun and effective way.
  • Head to to contribute and have a tree planted in your name.
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