Track and Field with Valmai Loomes

Illawarra Blue Stars congratulate Athletics NSW and local club Kembla Joggers for conducting the NSW short course cross-country last weekend. From reports, the event, being the first for the winter, was conducted very well and athletes came away happy they had finally had a run in a major meet. The course at Dapto is superb for such an event, and Kembla Joggers are to be congratulated for maintaining this great area.

The NSW walks titles were held last weekend also, so major meets are now being conducted, but under very strict rules maintaining the procedures our sport has to follow. Thanks to our club official Jodie Sundstrom who officiated at the short course and then backed up last weekend for the walks. Athletics NSW will be finding it difficult to get officials for major meets, especially if they come from "hot spots"

Illawarra Blue Stars have not been so lucky with the July Track and Field Meet set down for last Sunday having to be cancelled. Due to continual rain and weather that was not acceptable under the strict conditions for conducting such an event, officials had no alternative but to look forward to the scheduled meet in August.

Hopefully track and field athletes can compete in the August meet, set for Sunday, August 23, at the Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre, starting at 10.30am. Events scheduled are 60 metres, 150 metres, 300 metres, 1km, on the track and shot and long jump for field. Any athletes wishing to take part must be at the ground no later than 15 minutes prior to commencement.

Cross-county for the club has been going well and the Wiseman Park course looked a real sprint course. However, athletes advised that the course had a lot of ups and downs with the terrain and presented as a good and challenging course. The short course was won by Rebecca Dos Santos from Andrew Rodda.

The long course was won by Geoff Hynoski from Chris Thurbon, both placegetters handling the course very well. Next Sunday will see athletes take to the newly designed course at Wollongong City Beach. All athletes are advised to enter via the golf course end, Swan St. All athletes are being given challenges with varying terrains offered on each course.

Sam Jones is competing for Blue Stars in the 5km winter distance running podcast challenge, a newly designed event to meet coronavirus guidelines. Photo: Valmai Loomes

Sam Jones is competing for Blue Stars in the 5km winter distance running podcast challenge, a newly designed event to meet coronavirus guidelines. Photo: Valmai Loomes

At the time of print, Sam Jones is taking part in the Bankstown Winter Distance and inside running podcast challenge, a new event to cater for distance runners in separated groups. An Interesting, innovative idea and we will be keen to hear Sam's reaction to this newly designed event.

Sam Is taking part in the 5km, on the track.

The following cross-country events are listed for IBS members and anyone interested in taking part, just come on down to the course and officials will assist you with the process.

August 2: Wollongong City Beach: enter via Swan Street, at golf club end.

August 9: Roy Johansen Park, Euroka Street, West Wollongong.

August 16: Back to Mt Kembla for another go at the mountain: Mt Kembla Lookout.

August 23: Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre: 10.30am start, track and field program, all ages.

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