Power of practical prayer

Practical Prayer Series

That prayer can be practical and of enormous benefit to our lives, is the focus of this practical prayer series.

The experiences included not only show the ability of spirituality to meet our human needs, but at the same time reveal the power and willingness of God to tenderly care for all creation.

Ben's Story

Sometimes life throws up situations where you have to stick to what you understand to be true, even if the physical evidence is saying something else.

I suppose that's a bit like Copernicus, when he was starting to realise that the earth rotated around the sun, and not what was commonly thought, he had to use his scientific understanding and not the popular opinion or even his physical senses.

I've had experiences, simpler, humbler ones, where I've had to stick to a spiritual understanding of what was going on and not just accept the outward sense of things. One of these times was when my dog was hit by a car.

He had suddenly spotted my husband across the road and run straight out into the path of a car.

The car, a huge four-wheel drive, had hit him, spearing him into the ground, the full force being taken by his head. And although there were only a few external abrasions, it was obvious something serious had happened to his skull. We took him home and I began to pray immediately.

Now my younger daughter was, at that stage, growing up and she was making her own mind up about things, and we've always respected our girls' rights to think differently to us. And she felt very strongly that we should take him to the vet.

She was actually shouting at me, and it was not easy, but I over rode her objections, and I did this for several reasons. Firstly, I had more faith in God than in man.

Also, I had seen so many healings in my life, particularly of animals, that I had total confidence that the dog could be healed, but also, I actually didn't think that he would survive through any other means. So I just went to God for help.

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I prayed through the night to know only what God would know about the situation, to know that His divine care was ever present and all powerful, that divine love did not cause this accident so it had no divine authority, that His almighty care surrounded us and governed the scene with harmony.

And as the day dawned, it became clear that I absolutely believed and understood God's unwavering, unchanging love for all of His creation; that the dog's life was safe because he had always been in God's care, and I knew, believed and understood it more than what the physical senses were telling me.

Shortly after, my daughter came in to check on him and he leapt straight up into her arms perfectly well and happy, with all symptoms and pain completely gone. And within two days all the abrasions were gone. But, as importantly, my daughter received the evidence that she needed as well.

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