Bikers 4 Heroes' Australia Day fundraising walk from Shellharbour to Wollongong

Bikers 4 Heroes will revert to walking for their latest fundraising drive for sick kids.

And the group of passionate Illawarra residents are calling on other superheroes to join them walk from Shellharbour Harbour to Belmore Basin in Wollongong on Australia Day.

Stu Butler (aka Captain America) said those who join in on Saturday can walk as little as 4.1 kilometres or the whole way (roughly 23.1 kms).

“The only rules are that if you join in the walk you must be dressed as a superhero and because you are representing Bikers 4 Heroes, please behave,” Mr Butler said.

He added Bikers 4 Heroes did more than just ride in the Illawarra Convoy each year.

“We are aiming to raise some serious funds for Illawarra families through the Illawarra Community Foundation,” the father-of-three said.

“We wanted our first real fundraiser to test us and make a child smile in the process.

“Look, we’re not athletes. Most of us are your typical dads rocking dad bods but we wanted to do something as a group that people didn’t think we’d be able to do.

“Doing the walk dressed as superheroes will hopefully get a bit of a laugh and get kids smiling.

“Australia Day is supposed to be pretty hot this year. I’m sure we will be even hotter in our suits but a little bit of pain and discomfort for us is a lot better than what the kids we are raising money for are going through.”

Bikers 4 Heroes had raised $1650 for the walk at time of publication.

Mr Butler was hopeful of raising much more in the coming days.

He encouraged all superheroes to get involved.

“We don’t care if you are a DC or Marvel fan, we just want people to dress as a superhero and join in the fun,” Mr Butler said.

“Obviously it is a long walk, that’s why we’re giving people the option to join us at different meeting points if they don’t want to walk the whole way.”

The group will start their walk on January 26 at 6.30am. Visit Bikers 4 Heroes Facebook page for details.

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