Gretel Killeen and Jackie Loeb to make people laugh at The Wollongong Builders Club

There’s more to Gretel Killeen than being the host of the long running reality television series Big Brother. The media personality has had many hats over the years – social commentator, journalist, Logies host, author of more than 20 books – but it all started with comedy.

Killeen began writing comedy by accident when she stood up to perform a very serious poem and everybody laughed, according to Penguin Publishing.

From there she moved to writing and performing comedy in a variety of theatres and clubs, radio and television (including writing and appearing in comedy sketched for Midday with Ray Martin).

Killeen will show Wollongong her funny side at Wollongong Comedy in The Builders Club on Sunday August 19, with a show mostly about love and the calamities that come with it.

“I love at love from all humiliating perspectives,” she said.

Her biggest lesson on the subject is to love yourself before anyone else: “because if there’s a whole in the bucket nobody’s ever going to fill it.”

Killeen will be part of a double headline act with good friend Jackie Loeb also making people laugh with anecdotes and song.