Kiama's Madelyne Elizabeth Baigent-Haynes accused of biting, punching grandfather: court

A Kiama woman accused of punching and biting her grandfather during a drug-induced tantrum over iTunes on Tuesday evening has been granted bail on the condition she go to a drug detox program.

Madelyne Elizabeth Baigent-Haynes, 22, left her grandfather bloodied and bruised after biting him, punching him in the face and throwing a vase at him.

Court documents reveal Baigent-Haynes was spending the night at her grandparents’ home before she was due to go to detox on Wednesday when she asked her grandmother to download iTunes onto her notebook.

When the grandmother refused, Baigent-Haynes allegedly began screaming and shouting and threatened to punch her, prompting the grandfather to intervene.

Baigent-Haynes allegedly responded by punching her grandfather in the face.

The victim pushed his granddaughter away, leading Baigent-Haynes to throw a glass vase at him. The object missed, but he fell over avoiding it.

Baigent-Haynes then allegedly climbed on top of her grandfather as he lay on the ground and bit him on the torso and forearm, leaving bloody lacerations.

Baigent-Haynes eventually retreated into her bedroom. By the time police arrived, she had trashed it, court documents said.

She was charged with assault and property damage offences.

In court on Wednesday, Magistrate David O’Connor agreed to release Baigent-Haynes into an immediate detox program before she starts a drug rehabilitation program later this month.

Baigent-Haynes was supported in court by her mother and grandmother. The case returns to court in February.

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