Shellharbour council's plan to renew 17 no-alcohol hot-spots

Shellharbour council is looking for feedback on plans to renew 17 alcohol-free zones, which drinking in streets and parks across the city.

The council says the zones were established as the “direct result of the irresponsible consumption of alcohol” and remain classified as high-risk areas.

Suburbs and areas targeted include Albion Park, Albion Park Rail, Barrack Heights, Barrack Point, Blackbutt Reserve, Boonerah Point reserve in Mount Warrigal and large swathes of Shellharbour Village, Warilla and the city centre.

Alcohol-free zones cover roads, road reserves and street paths, while alcohol prohibited areas cover parks and waterfront areas.

The zones aim to deter alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour, and are also “important tools for the NSW Police, which allow them to reduce crime and harm from the misuse and abuse of alcohol,” the council says.

Submissions are open until December 7.


■ In alcohol-free zones and prohibited areas, police and council rangers have the power to confiscate or tip out alcohol. People cannot be fined for simply drinking or having alcohol in the area.

■ However, if a person does not co-operate with a request to hand over alcohol in these zones, they can be charged with obstruction under the Local Government Act, which carries a maximum penalty of $2200.

■Police can detain someone who is intoxicated in public regardless of whether there is an prohibition zone in place.

■Police can also give intoxicated people a direction to move on and a failure to comply can be an offence. In some cases, police can issue on-the-spot fines of $1100 under the NSW Summary Offences Act.