Bermagui message in bottle goes viral after washing up on Fraser Island

A message in a bottle let go from Bermagui, found on Fraser Island two years later by a couple of former reality television stars, has almost grown a life of its own.

Dan and Steph Mulheron were the winners of My Kitchen Rules in 2013. They are owners of EAT at Dan & Steph's eatery in Hervey Bay and proud parents to the gorgeous Emmy.

On their Facebook page  – Dan Steph & Emmy – they posted they had made an unusual find of a message in bottle on the weekend while visiting Fraser Island.

“On our trip to Fraser Island we came across a bottle laying in the middle of the beach just past the Maheno ship wreck,” they posted. “I jokingly said 'message in a bottle' Dan turned around to check.”

They opened it that night to find it was a message dated March 2015, from a Melbourne fisherman named Kevin Cute, who placed it into the sea 16km off Bermagui.

The Mulherons now want to get into contact with Mr Cute.

“We just want to tell him we found it and show him how far and long it travelled,” they posted, adding that they hadn’t stopped singing the song “Message in a bottle” for two days. 

Their Facebook post about their bottle find now has 12,000 likes, more than 670 comments and more than 4000 shares.

One comment from Aimee White stated Mr Cute was is a friend of hers from Melbourne at Patterson Lakes and her father was going to try and contact him.

To which Dan Steph & Emmy replied; “No way Aimee!! So amazing tell Kevin to touch base with us.”

Staff at the Bermagui tackle shop said they had not heard of a Mr Cute and also were unsure how the bottle went against the predominantly south flowing East Australian Current to get from Bermagui to Fraser Island.