A friendly wave out the window could cost you nearly $300

There are a number of odd NSW and interstate road rules in place, which we are sure most people have broken without even knowing it.

Did you know about some of these?

1. You must not splash bus passengers with mud 

One of the strangest road rules to come out of NSW is the one that states you must not splash a bus passenger with mud after driving through a puddle. Yet if you splash any other pedestrian it is perfectly legal. The fine for breaking this offence is $165.

2.  All body parts must stay within the vehicle

In several states, it is illegal for you or your passengers to have any body parts outside of the vehicle, except for very few exceptional circumstances. That means it’s actually an offence to wind down the window and wave goodbye to a friend, or lean your elbow on the window on a hot day. The fines are quite high too. In Victoria, you can be fined $141 and in Queensland it’s even higher at $298.

3. Tooting the horn

In most states, a toot of the horn for anything other than to warn someone is considered “illegal use of a warning device”. So tooting the horn to wave at someone could cost you up to $298 in fines.

4.  Displaying “L” or “P” plates when not required 

In Queensland and Victoria, when the driver is fully licenced, it is actually an offence to drive around with an “L” or “P” plate on the car. So if you forget to take off your teenagers’ plates on that quick trip down to the shops, you could be fined $141. It’s apparently okay in NSW.

5.  Window gaps 

In Queensland and Victoria, not only is it illegal for you to leave your car unlocked if you are more than three meters away from it, but your windows must be wound up with a gap of no more than five centimetres. These laws are in place to help keep the number of car thefts down, and results in a $40 fine in Queensland and a $117 fine in Victoria. If the case goes before a magistrate in Victoria, the fine can be increased to $360.

6.  NSW: No paint allowed over train crossings 

We bet you’ve broken this strange road rule quite a few times. According to NSW law it is illegal to cross train tracks if you are carrying “flammable, explosive or dangerous goods” that includes paint, lighters, batteries and barbeque gas bottles. So if train tracks are between you and the hardware store, it might be a long renovation.